My Trail So Far…6 weeks to go!

Excitement is definitely mounting! In just under 6 weeks I will be pedal to the metal, headed out on the start of my dream bass smackin’ trip around the U.S. Things are falling into place. I have mapped out my first several stops, Gotten some new gear, fixed up the truck, and have been researching and planning like a man possessed.

During my research time I have had many ideas and gone on many tangents regarding how exactly to proceed with my adventure and this site, youtube channel etc. I have decided to bring you along with me just as I am. What I mean by that is: simply put, I am not a man of means, I am just a man who loves bass fishing. All of my locations, setups, baits, lures, kayak, and extra gear are how I would classify “for the common man”.¬† One of my main goals throughout this trip is to find and test the best inexpensive (not cheap) gear.

Lets start out with the current Lake “Plan of Attack”

Aug: Headed to Kentucky 

Lake Barkley Lake, KY

Cedar Creek Lake, KY

Wood Creek Lake, KY

Laurel River Lake-Cumberland falls, KY

Dale Hollow Lake, KY/TN

Late Aug-Mid Sept: Zippin down to TN

Center Hill Lake, TN

Watts Bar Lake, TN

Chickamauga Lake, TN

Tims Ford Lake, TN

Kentucky Lake, TN


This is my plotted war path so far. If any local anglers want to chime in with additional spots, tips, or stories from any of these or nearby lakes please feel free to share. I know I would like to hear them, and as this grows I am sure others would as well.

Stay Tuned! Next post………Gear List!!

B.C. Bass




Intro To BcBassBaits and the Blog!


So, I have just recently caught up with today’s techie culture and learned what a blog actually was! Bear with me because, to be honest, I am not a very technologically inclined man and it will take me some time to get the hang of this. Stick with me though and we should get to some good stuff!

I figured if you were going to join me for my upcoming fishing tour of North America, then y’all should know a little bit about me and why I am doing this. If you missed the first post then here’s the scoop…I am an avid angler but until now it has just been my hobby. I have changed careers to allow me to work on the road. I’m moving full time into my camper, and touring the nation smackin’ bass and adventuring!

Fishing has always been my source of peace and renewal. Getting out on a peaceful lake silently drifting along in the kayak, or even hiking through nature to bank fish, it has always reconnected me with life and nature and God.

I have had great years and times just like anyone. I have also had years so bad I did not think I would ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. Again, like everyone has had. These past several in particular have been the latter sorry to say. Throughout the course of them, a few things never sat well with me. First one, just like many people, I was working a job that I hated. Why? So I could attempt to live in an apartment that is too small and costs too much… just so that I could get up the next day and go back to the job I hated to afford said apartment….you can see where the circle is going. And I doubt I’d be remiss in saying that you reading this, have been through the same thought process.

Now, That thought process is simple but made me dig deep and think. God created us with incredible individual talents, skills, abilities, and passions. Those gifts were not given to us simply so we could work our lives away and get 2 weeks vacation a year. They were meant for our happiness and meaning and purpose and that, is for His glory. In my mind we are to pursue them with everything we have. Our individuality is what makes us special, valuable, and gives us meaning.

I have decided to take a literal approach to that. For example, Am I the best angler? of course not. But it is a passion I have that makes me happy. It will never go away and I plan on using it to explore his creation and enjoy it, and help y’all enjoy it as well!

Onto the upcoming Schedule/ Lake Locations/ plan of attack:

I am headed out July 31st. 1st stop Cedar Creek Lake in KY.

Ill be testing some of my hand crafted poppers and crank baits; and reviewing those along with many top rated lures! Stay tuned!


B.C. Bass Baits

Welcome to B.C. Bass Baits. 

I am an avid angler who has just left the comfort of my home and career to explore and experience life in a more adventurous way. I have moved into my camper, changed careers and am on the verge of taking off on the ultimate U.S. fishing excursion. Throughout these entries I will be taking you along with me for lake and river Kayak angling tournaments and we will be taking a close look at which lures, baits and techniques will smack you those big ol’ hogs! I will also be testing and reviewing my own hand crafted top waters, crankbaits, jigs, and stick baits that we have for sale.

The plan for this is simple. I get to go across the nation and stop at every fishing spot I can find. Chat with the local fisherman. Learn new techniques, tricks, and tips and pass on the things I learn to y’all!

Thank you for coming with me on this journey. It is an unnerving but incredibly exciting undertaking that I’m trying to accomplish… I mean c’mon, I quit my job and left my home town to travel around fishing. THAT’S THE DREAM!!!